e-Hud Invitation/TOS

e-Hud is a resource for the live music community, by the live music community.

The goal of e-Hud is to provide a resource to everyone in Live Music on the grid (audience, performer, venue).

*The base functionality of e-Hud (listing basic profiles, calendars and event listings with search, and favorites lists) is FREE to all.

The core function is to provide a list of performers and venues on the grid and to provide event listings based on the

performer and venues own GOOGLE calendars or to provide a link to non-GOOGLE calendars for fast lookup of

performance and location information. e-Hud is meant to compliment all any/other events listings and services and is not

intended to compete with any/other services available.

The performer and venue information that is used to drive e-Hud and be displayed is gathered manually and

updated to a database as each bit of information is found.

Sometimes not all information was found to complete a profile but it is important to list all Live Music performers and venues.

Information gathering and updating is an on going process, and is reviewed regularly,

so missing information will be provided as it is discovered.

Information is gathered from various sources and methods (outlined below, but not limited to...).

As always, any information that you can help provide is greatly appreciated -

this includes performers or venues that may not be listed.

Performers/Venues Information sources:

1) any data that is provided from the performer/venue owner/audience.

2) Performers/Venues Owners "Web" tab in their profile.

3) Performers/Venues Owners profile picks or General tab information.

4) Performer/venue websites.

5) Other websites providing *publicly accessible relevant information.

6) Secondlife web profiles (profile link to is provided).

* All e-Hud data presented on the e-Hud website is believed to be in the public domain

and is available to the general public even if the e-Hud service did not exist.

All efforts to provide privacy is respected for all non public information.

The e-Hud website service is provided "as is" and does not guarantee the accuracy of

the informaton provided.